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Qref®, short for Quick Reference, is a team of flight instructors, pilots, and industry professionals who have created a better checklist system for aircraft, avionics, trail/automotive GPS and marine GPS. Our aviation checklists sell more than any other brand, over 30,000 each year world-wide. 

The best selling checklists in the world

Why are Qref checklists the checklist pilots use? More experience, superior quality. Find out why more pilots use Qref than any other.

"The most thorough training reference out there."
Rod Machado
Pilot and Aviation Author

Multi-page Checklist Books

Everything You Need

Qref multi-page checklists are a comprehensive, user-friendly resource. Ideal for students and pilots who appreciate a complete, thorough checklist.

Tabbed Sections

Information is organized into standardized sections, and each section is tabbed in sturdy 1/4” (60mm) side tabs, making it easy to navigate to the exact procedure you’re after.

Built to Last

Pages are synthetic paper with a non-glare, matte finish that is tearproof, waterproof, and virtually indestructible. Mark and erase on it with a standard pencil. Checklists are printed in magazine-quality full color throughout and are securely bound with a crush-proof binding system that prevents pages from coming loose and allows the pilot to flip through and lay flat the desired page.

At A Glance

4.5” (114mm) x 8” (203mm)

Tabbed, full-color

Fully-synthetic waterproof, tearproof pages

Perfect for students and pilots desiring comprehensive procedures

Available for 85+ aircraft models and 60+ avionics and GPS systems.

Single-page Checklist Cards

Only What You Need

Our double-sided card checklist gives clear, concise information on everything an experienced pilot needs. The quick, concise card keeps the procedures you need at your fingertips. Aircraft checklists come in a 2-card set, one for normal procedures from preflight to securing, and a companion card for emergency procedures.


The cards are hard laminated and sealed with a military-spec, 10mil matte-finish laminate that resist UV fading and is completely waterproof. They are double-sided and printed in full color. The professional design and propritary laminate construction makes them easy to read, without glare.

At A Glance

5” (130mm) x 8” (203mm)

Double-sided, full-color

10mil hard laminate with matte finish

Perfect for experienced pilots

Available for 60+ aircraft models and 45+ avionics and GPS systems.

Aircraft Procedure Checklists

Topics Covered

Qref aircraft checklists contain complete procedures for all phases of flight, from preflight, takeoff/cruise, landing, to comprehensive abnormals and Emergencies. All major emergencies included, including engine out, emergency descent, icing, electrical, prop, gear, spin, lost comm and lost position procedures. Also includes V-speed (list and throughout), cruise performance chart. Even Short and Soft Field procedures are detailed.

Additional Information

Cruise Profile — Performance data at your fingertips. Only Qref has multi-altitude cruise profile information to determine engine settings and fuel consumption.

Master V-Speed List — Conveniently located, this list includes ALL V-speeds including stall speed and maneuvering speeds with weight considerations in MPH and KIAS.

Aircraft Profile — Includes a handy section on Beech Baron A/B55 specifics, including engine type, fuel and oil data, and weight maximums.

Tabs in Multi-page Checklists — include helpful information such as temperature, weight, crosswind and distance conversion tables. Includes Ruler Scale for use in common charts. No tedious codes to decipher.


Avionics & GPS Reference

A Qref Exclusive

Only Qref has checklists that cover the gamut of avionics, from handhelds to panel mounted systems, including glass cockpits and integrated systems. Get the most from your system and see what you’ve forgotten or have missed all together.

Experience Matters

Our team of Master CFIs has decades of active flight instruction and thousands of hours of flying experience at all levels of industry. We’ve taken advantage of the past 20 years of checklist design research and incorporate industry-best practices into every Qref checklist and publication. We not only create checklists, we use them in our daily instruction and flying.

“You Are Here”

A unique feature is a special section that intelligently displays all possible screens and how to navigate through them. Never get lost inside your GPS again!

Available Everywhere

Check your local pilot supply shop, order from your favorite online source or direct from us.

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind our checklists and trust you'll be happy with them. If not, we’ll exchange or replace it. We stand by our checklists for a lifetime and since we’ve been publishing checklists since 2009, that’s a guarantee you can stand by.

Written by Master CFIs

The Qref team of Master CFIs have over four decades of combined active flight instruction and flying experience at all levels of industry, with instruction and flight time in this aircraft.

Trusted Data

Qref data starts with the specific POH or manual for your aircraft. Then our expert authors (chosen for their expertise in specific aircraft) edit where needed to provide clearer, more detailed procedures, and formatting the data to meet the strict Qref authoring standards. Finally, we fly with every checklist to confirm accuracy. No other commercial checklist stands up to the level of accuracy of a Qref checklist.