Piper Arrow 180 Qref Checklist Card

Code: PA-ARR180-2

Qref card-style checklist for 1967-71 Piper Arrow 180


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Quick, concise card-style aircraft procedure checklists for the Piper Arrow 180. Our double-sided card checklist gives clear, concise information on everything an experienced pilot needs.

Normal procedures — this blue-accented card covers every flight phase from preflight to shutdown/tiedown and conveniently lists ALL Piper Arrow 180 V-speeds in both MPH and knots. It also presents info on tire, oil, and fuel specifics as well as appropriately placed wing flap operational parameters.

Emergency procedures — this red-accented card addresses such critical developments as engine failures, cabin/engine/electrical fires, emergency descent, propeller/power problems, and much more, which aircraft manuals may not clearly express. It also features convenient rulers for both Sectional and TAC chart scales. Keep this card in the side pocket for easy reference if or when you need.

Construction — Both cards are 5″ x 9″ (12.7 cm x 22.8 cm), kneeboard/yoke-friendly cards are laminated, waterproof, tear resistant, and UV coated so they won’t fade. They also foster both sunlight and red-light readability. Qref’s exclusive premium 15 MIL low-gloss (matte) laminate will not scratch, cause a glare (like shiny plastic) or ever delaminate. Ideal for annotation with dry erase markers.

An extremely operator-friendly set of in-flight resources that flyers from all walks of life will come to rely on.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 0.1 in




Serial Numbers



28R7130001-28R7130013, 28R30004-28R31270

Speed Unit



Aircraft POH/AFM, Report #VB-173 Rev. 8


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