CFI Lesson Plans: Commercial Pilot (PDF)

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CFI Lesson Plans: Commercial Pilot (PDF)

Commercial Pilot Lesson Plans

The perfect companion for CFI's. Taken from the Private/Commercial Pilot Flight Instructor Notebook by Bridgette Doremire, these Commercial Pilot lesson plans are "topic" based. Different from the "lesson plan" that is a plan of a complete flight or ground session containing many different topics, these topic lesson plans contain the Objective, Elements, Common Errors, Completion Standards, Sources, and other items a flight instructor applicant, ground instructor, or flight instructor needs to know to teach that particular topic in accordance with the FAA's Practical Test Standards. These allow the flight instructor applicant to demonstrate topic "instructional knowledge", defined as being able to go to the original source material for an item.

These topic lesson plans go beyond the minimum FAA standard with a "Things To Remember" section designed to condense nearly a decade of the author's instructing experience combined with the centuries of combined experience of the instructors the author has had the pleasure to know.  "Things to Remember" should keep the new instructor out of some trouble, provide thought-provoking experiences to remind the instructor of their own flying experiences which will allow for a better lesson presentation during and after checkrides, and provides for conversation starters with students. Do the students really understand the topic? (Does the flight instructor?)

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