Flight Instructor Notebook (Instrument Pilot)

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Flight Instructor Notebook (Instrument Pilot)

Flight Instructor Notebook

Instrument Pilot SEL

By Bridgette Doremire and Gene Hudson

This 160-page original Qref publication features a 42-lesson Instrument Rating Syllabus, 125 Instrument Rating/Proficiency Check and Study Guide questions with detailed answers, 46 PTS Topic Lesson Plans, and an Instrument Rating Checkride Checklist. In addition, the book contains, an Airworthiness Summary, a Table of Configurations, Takeoff Briefing notes, Military Intercept Procedures, ATC Light Signals, & PIREPs, and the exclusive Just-In-Time™ process for recognizing and diagnosing instrument failure, developed by Gene Hudson. This notebook-style publication contains scenario ideas to spark creative and useful scenarios to enhance student learning and is written in a no-fluff, concise style.

“We wrote this book to help CFIIs pass their checkrides, the first time. We included the Just-In-Time™ process to save lives. JIT saved mine,” says co-author Bridgette Doremire. “This book contains the tools our flight school has used for decades in training pilots and instructors.” Over twenty years in the making, this book was written by Bridgette Doremire and Gene Hudson, active Master Flight Instructors.

This book contains:

  • Instrument Rating Syllabus
  • Instrument Rating PTS Topic Lesson Plans with Things to Remember and Suggested Scenarios
  • Our Highly Rated Airworthiness Summary
  • Table of Configurations
  • Takeoff Briefing
  • Military Intercept Procedures, ATC Light Signals, & PIREPs
  • Instrument Rating/Proficiency Check Study Guide
  • Instrument Rating/Proficiency Check Study Guide Answers
  • Instrument Rating Checkride Checklist
    "I wish every instrument instructor would use this checklist!" - DPE
  • Exclusive Just-In-Time™ Process for detecting instrument failure, developed by Gene Hudson
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