Who Are We?

Jason Clemens, Publisher and Founder

Jason Clemens has worked in the publishing industry for nearly his entire adult life. He holds a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing with High Honors. Jason has 20+ years experience in UX design for several leading design agencies and publishing companies. Jason founded and managed several successful aviation businesses. With a Boeing family heritage and years of experience designing award-winning safety publications and technical manuals, Jason has been an industry leader in aviation safety.

Jason has offered seminars on safety-related subjects such as available technology and the human factors aspect to checklist usage. An avid pilot, Jason is a member of AOPA and EAA and resides near Dallas, Texas with his wife and three kids.


Bridgette Doremire, MCFI

Bridgette Doremire is a Master CFI, CFII, MEI, and Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. She is an FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Volunteer and a Proficiency Instructor for both Cessna and Cirrus Pilot Associations. In those capacities, she has delivered lectures on GPS and Advanced Avionics at locations throughout California. As an avionics technician, she has conducted several IFR certification test flights for GPS, MFD, TCAD, Autopilot, FMS, and other avionics installations.

She is the author of over 30 Qref Avionics & GPS Checklists and has published one book, “Flight Instructor Notebook”, a lesson plan guide for upcoming flight instructors plus sage advice on day-to-day flight instruction. Bridgette’s articles have appeared in Plane & Pilot Magazine and the Cessna Pilots Association’s monthly magazine. You can find her active on many online aviation forums including studentpilot.com and propilotworld.com.

Bridgette became a Master CFI in 2004, renewing in 2006 and 2008. She is a member of AOPA and SAFE. She is also a FAA Remedial Training Program Instructor for the Van Nuys FSDO.

Bridgette specializes in GPS and Advanced Avionics Instruction. More than just learning the knob twists and button presses, Bridgette teaches integration of the GPS into the flying process. A member of the FAA/Industry Training Standards Program (FITS), she has authored two FAA-Accepted courses and all of Qref's panel mount avionics checklists, which are FITS accepted. These courses integrate scenario-based training with advanced avionics and GPS, real training for today’s flying. Qref's GPS checklists are designed for use in the real world, in the cockpit.


From CFI To Author -- Qref's Doremire Does It All (Courtesy Aero News Network)


Gene Hudson

2006 FAA Aviation Safety Counselor of the Year
2005 FAA Western Pacific Region CFI of the Year

Master CFI Gene Hudson, a resident of Mission Hills, California is the Chief Flight Instructor of Silver Wings, a Part 61 flight school at Van Nuys Airport (VNY). He specializes in instrument, high-performance and technically advanced aircraft training.

His interest in aviation developed early while building plastic and balsawood model aircraft. That led to becoming a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol where, in 1971, he had his first flight in a Cessna 150. For the next ten years, his flight training was put on hold because of high school, college and a 4-year stint in the US Army's signal corps. Finally in the mid-1980s, he was able to acquire the necessary certificates and ratings to become a flight instructor, a profession he has practiced since 1987.

An Aviation Safety Counselor (ASC)/FAA Safety Team Volunteer for more than 18 years, his skills as a lecturer are widely known in southern California. He regularly offers WINGS safety seminars to standing-room-only crowds on such topics as instrument flying techniques, airspace, landings and the human factors of flight. He also lectures to local pilot examiners on human factors and the psychology of pilot error as a part of their annual recurrency training. In each of the past two years, he has made presentations at EAA's AirVenture and AOPA's Expo. In addition, the FAA frequently calls upon him to provide remedial training to pilots as a substitute for certificate enforcement action.

Hudson also promotes aviation safety through the written word. His articles have appeared in Plane & Pilot, Private Pilot, and SoCal Aviation Review as well as the US Air Force Flight Safety magazine. He is the author of one book, "Instrument Flying Made Easy", and is currently working on a companion volume that will help pilots recognize and recover from vacuum and other failures in instrument conditions.

Continuing to upgrade his own aviation skills, he has taken advanced training to become a Cirrus Standardized Instructor and teaches in the Cessna Pilots Association's operations course. In 2006, Silver Wings was named a Cirrus Standardized Training Center. Holder of Master CFI accreditation, he is a member of AOPA, EAA and NAFI.